Thursday, December 15, 2016

Encourage Responsible Digital Citizenship: A Primer for Parents

Dear Eagle Parents:

Engaging in conversations with students about their online activities is something that many parents  do on a regular basis.  From December 24 to January 9,  students are "home for the holidays."  Vacation time from school often means increased online activity. When students are home during the upcoming holidays, the internet will be the main way they stay in contact with their peers.  Monitoring our children's activity online is a start for the short term; however,  teaching students to be responsible digital citizens is the ultimate goal.  

It is important the school and parents work together to influence our students and to promote responsible digital citizenship. Here are five sites that can guide you in helping your children navigate the internet safely and responsibly:

5 Ways to Help Your Children Develop Responsible Digital Citizenship

1.  Think Before You Post! (a fun spoken word video that gives tips to posting responsibly)

2.  Facebook, Instagram:  Info for Parents from Common Sense Media

3.  Choosing the Right Apps for Kids

4.  Screen Time

5.  Internet Safety

Cyberbullying:  Reporting it how to's

Facts about cyberbullying, haters, and trolls for parents

Have a happy and cybersafe holiday!  

Mary Setliff, Principal